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24 Hour Crisis Line: 252-338-3011 or click here to Webchat 


The Pasquotank/Camden Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) is comprised of professionals who work to coordinate an immediate, quality, multidisciplinary, victim-centered response to sexual assaults.  The response prioritizes the needs of sexual assault victims and holds offenders accountable.  

Participating members include:

  • Law enforcement, who conduct the investigation and provides emergency assistance if a victim chooses to report the assault to law enforcement
  • Emergency Department medical staff who conduct the forensic medical examination
  • Hopeline advocates who provide emotional support, information and referrals to the victim during the examination, law enforcement interview, and throughout the healing process
  • Prosecutors who review the evidence and decide whether or not to pursue prosecution of the offender.  They work with members of the SART to coordinate support for the victim during the criminal justice process
  • Other partners may include representatives from child/adult protective services and social services, emergency medical services, college campuses and local school systems, local correctional institutions, United States Coast Guard, faith community and others

The SART's primary goals are to develop relationships, gain an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of all members of the team, to share information and resources, and to identify gaps and need to ensure the highest quality of victim services.The SART also strives to increase awareness on issues of sexual assault within our community, to increase the reporting of sexual assault., and to increase arrests and hold offenders accountable.

What Do I Do If I’ve Been Sexually Assaulted?

  • Get away from the attacker and go to a safe place.  Then, call 911.
  • Call a friend or family member you trust.
  • Do not wash, comb or clean any part of your body.  Do not change clothes, if possible, so the hospital staff can collect evidence.  Do not touch or change anything at the scene of the assault.
  • Go to your nearest hospital emergency room.  You can be examined, treated for injuries and screened for sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy.  The doctor/nurse will offer to collect evidence using a sexual assault evidence kit.  
  • Ask the hospital to connect you with an Albemarle Hopeline sexual assault advocate.  Hospital staff will have the phone number, but you can also call us directly if you prefer. 
  • If you decide you want to file a police report, you or the hospital staff can call the police from the emergency room.  You have the right to report the assault anonymously or to not report at all.
  • Seek emotional support.  Consider counseling to help you with the trauma caused by the assault. Counseling services are available free of charge through Albemarle Hopeline.  

For more detailed information about surviving a sexual assault, please contact Albemarle Hopeline’s crisis line at 252-338-3011. The crisis line is confidential and available 24 hours a day.

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