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Domestic violence and sexual assault often have a detrimental impact on a survivor’s mental health. These experiences are vastly different from person to person.  There is no easy way to say how abuse will affect someone.  Domestic and sexual violence are not just limited to physical abuse. Emotional abuse, psychological abuse, financial abuse, sexual abuse, isolation and control are all forms of violence that can be just as hurtful as physical abuse.  Secondary victims and witnesses to domestic violence and sexual assault can also be affected.   

If you have experienced a physical or sexual assault you may feel many emotions – fear, confusion, anger, shame and guilt.  You may even feel numb and feel nothing at all.  Know that if you have been abused, it is not your fault.  Getting help for assault or abuse can prevent long term mental health and physical health problems. 

Counselors at Hopeline are licensed and trained to address safety issues and concerns, and work on shaping goals to reflect the individual’s critical needs and choices.  Counseling is tailored to each person’s unique experience and symptoms.  

Working through domestic and sexual violence issues may involve, but are not limited to, a focus on anxiety, depression, PTSD, self-esteem, relationship and financial challenges.  Counselors can help to deal with emotions in healthy ways and develop coping skills.

Counseling services are free of charge at Albemarle Hopeline, and are available to survivors at any time- counseling is available even for those victims who have not left a violent relationship, or survivors who experienced violence in their past but are still struggling emotionally.  When calling in to request services, you will be connected with a counselor to discuss your situation and schedule an initial intake appointment in a timely manner.  Hopeline has quiet, comfortable, and confidential office spaces. For the convenience of our clients, counseling services are offered at our main office in Elizabeth City or at one of our satellite office locations in Edenton or Currituck.   

Hopeline counseling staff also offers support groups focused on varying topics. Call for information and upcoming sessions.     

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