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Our Mission

The elimination of domestic violence and sexual assault through education, intervention, support, and transitional assistance until the dream comes true.  Learn more and get involved.

News & Notes

Learn more about one of the most common forms of abuse and how it can make it harder to leave an abusive relationship.

Some tips and resources on how to use technology and social media to stay safe.

"Being a trauma survivor is a challenging journey, but it is also an empowering one. Trauma acts as the catalyst for us to learn how to better engage in self-care and introduces us to endless modalities for healing and expressing ourselves, enabling us to channel our crisis into our transformation. Most importantly, it gives us access to connect with other survivors who have been where we are. It is in these validating communities that we tend to find the most healing, even outside of the therapy space. Here are some tips I’ve lived by that can benefit the healing journey of those who have been through trauma and abuse."

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